GearLight S1050 LED Flashlight Support & Troubleshooting

User Manual


  • If the flashlight flickers, works intermittently, changes modes automatically, appears dim or faded, or does not turn on, check and verify that:

    • Each battery is fully inserted matching the polarity (+/-) on the battery holder.
    • Each battery end is touching a  metal contact in the battery holder.
    • The battery holder contacts are clean and the springs are not bent sideways.
    • The flashlight's inner spring is firmly attached and not bent.
    • The battery holder is inserted into the flashlight with the positive (+) end first.
    • The tail cap is twisted on tightly.
  • Firmly press the power button on and off several times:

    • If the flashlight still does not turn on, replace the batteries.
    • If the problem persists, contact GearLight for a replacement.


  • Inspect the flashlight monthly and carefully remove any damaged batteries and clean any corrosion.  If the flashlight is used less than once a month, remove the batteries between uses.  Lubricate all threads and rubber O-rings with petroleum jelly twice yearly.

  • For instructions on how to clean corrosion on battery contacts, click here.

How-To Video

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